Personalize Your Home After Moving In With An Interior Decorator

Personalizing your home can be a challenge when you have just moved into a home that still looks like it belongs to someone else. Finding out how to start with interior decorating can be difficult when you don't have much experience with decorating due to living with roommates or previously living in your parents' home. Since you likely want to make your home feel personal to you, it's a smart idea to look into hiring an interior decorator due to the impact that it can make in the way your home looks after.

Ordering Drapes? 3 Factors To Consider

Your windows play a large role in your home. While they provide a view and allow air to flow in and out of the home when necessary, the windows also enhance curb appeal on your home's exterior. Fortunately, you can update the look of your windows inside your home with the right window treatments. If you are currently shopping for custom drapes for your windows, here are a few factors to consider.