Use Quarry Tiles In These Areas

When you shop for tile flooring for your home, it's a good idea to visit a store that carries a wide range of options. The more samples you're able to check out, the easier it will be to find a tile product that you know will offer the right look and functionality in one or more areas of your home. At many tile stores, you can expect to see various types of quarry tiles. This unique flooring product is made of clay, which gives it a natural-looking brownish-red color. Quarry tiles have more of a rustic look than many tile products, which can suit various environments. Here are three places to use quarry tiles in your home.


Sunrooms can have all sorts of different styles, but many people like giving this space a look that ties in with the outdoors. For example, you might have lots of plants, a small tabletop water fountain, and other elements that contribute to an outdoor feel. When it comes to choosing the flooring for your sunroom, you may wish to consider quarry tiles. The clay-like appearance offers a highly natural look that may somewhat remind you of the soil in your yard. Paired with the right decor, this flooring can contribute to a room that feels like an extension of the outdoors — but with the comforts of an indoor space.


If you have a balcony on the upper floor of your home, it's worthwhile to consider if tiles could be a good addition. Many balconies consist of a concrete slab, which may be functional but also lacks style. Quarry tiles can give a rustic charm to a balcony, helping to turn this space from ordinary to unique. With this tile flooring in place, you may feel as though you're sitting in a courtyard somewhere in Europe as you sip your morning coffee and read the newspaper.


You may wish to also consider using quarry tiles in one or more entrance areas of your home. Examples could be inside your front door or in a mudroom that connects your garage with your home. These tiles offer a cozy look, which can especially be useful in the front of your home when you welcome guests into the space. Paired with an earth-colored paint on the walls, this type of flooring can be a focal point that gives the area a stylish, natural appearance. Learn more about quarry tiles at a tile flooring store.