Ordering Drapes? 3 Factors To Consider

Your windows play a large role in your home. While they provide a view and allow air to flow in and out of the home when necessary, the windows also enhance curb appeal on your home's exterior. Fortunately, you can update the look of your windows inside your home with the right window treatments. If you are currently shopping for custom drapes for your windows, here are a few factors to consider.


The right color or pattern can either improve or negatively affect the look of not only your windows, but the entire room, as well.

Remember that you should choose a color or pattern that you love, but it should also work with the rest of your furniture and décor. Take into consideration whether you want the curtains to have a warm or cool color palette, too. Red, brown, yellow, and oranges all have a warmer feel while blues, light shades of green, lavender, and white can all give the room a cooler feel.

If you have a rug, throw pillows, or bedding in the room, consider ordering custom window treatments that match the color or pattern of these accessories. This will help pull the entire room together with ease.


The type of fabric used to create your new curtains and drapes is also important. The right fabric will not only hang better on your windows, but it can also help block out the sun's heat and the cold from the outside.

Light fabrics tend to hang and flow better on windows. These lighter fabrics may include linen, silk, and cotton. Unfortunately, the lighter, thinner fabrics are not always best for blocking heat gain or heat loss.

Velvet, lined linen, tapestry, and tweed provide a thicker option that is effective for blocking out the light and the sun's harmful UV rays all while preventing heat gain and heat loss in the room.


Finally, the length of your drapes will also affect the function and overall look of your windows.

Many homeowners opt for a standard drape length, which falls down towards the bottom of the floor. However, a longer length that allows the curtains to sweep across the flow adds a bit of whimsy and decorative appeal to any room of your house.

If you have shorter ceilings, consider mounting the drapery rod higher above the window frame and ordering drapes in a longer length. This helps make the windows and ceiling look taller and higher, creating a more open look and feel for your room.