3 Interior Design Artwork Ideas

The use of wall art is among the great ways to transform your interior space. It gives it a finished look in your room. Besides, art evokes emotions and communicates space functionality. Art installation gives you the touch you desire to transform your office, living, or sleeping space.

Discover three interior design artwork ideas you can try for your home or workspace.

1. Photo Frames with Wallpaper

People commonly use photo frames with pictures. However, you can go out of the usual and use them with wallpaper. This will depict your personality and create an aesthetic sense. Besides, you can use photo frames to display your creativity by displaying customized wallpaper. Of course, you should ensure that the wallpaper blends with the room's interior finishes.

You may be able to come up with great designs but have no idea where and how you should install them. In such cases, a professional art installation services company gives your room a flawless finish.

2. Geometrical Patterns

Geometry entails pattern synchronization. Some people prefer artwork with geometrical patterns. This involves the integration of rectangular, circular, and triangular shapes to create an appealing look that gives a touch of sophistication to contemporary interior design.

You can have the geometric patterns painted on canvas or create the art pieces using timber or metal frames. You can try a mix of colors or choose a plain color that blends in with the shades you have on your walls. A geometric art install needs artistry and a keen eye for detail. Thus you will need a professional to help you with your art installation.

3. Map Wall Art

If you love to travel, map wall art has you covered. You can choose among the following styles:

  • Antique styles

  • Monochrome Designs

  • Vintage Style Maps

A world map with color variations can bring vibrance. Besides, it would be more suitable for a guestroom as it can trigger chitchat, thus killing existing boredom. You can strategically position the map to create the room's focal point. If you want to give soul to your lifeless space, map wall art could do you justice.

If you are unsure about the best installation positions for your map wall art, talk to the local art installation services to sort you out.


Wall decor in your home or office offers a perfect finish. An art install amplifies the beauty of your spaces, as discussed above. Contact an art installation company for more information.