5 Elements That Provide Instant Customization For A Home

You want to create a custom design for a home. Whether you're building a new one or renovating an existing one, the custom home design process can pose some interesting challenges. One of the first issues will be figuring out what you want to customize in the first place.

Some elements of a home lend themselves to customization more than others. These five options will instantly provide a sense of personalization to any house.


The initial entryway to a home is often the first distinct feature people notice. If someone comes to your house, the odds are good they'll try to locate the front door before they even notice much else about the building.

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to customize a home's entrance. You will have to decide between having a porch or not, for example. Similarly, you can make decisions about the shape and size of the door.


Sometimes, people build custom homes because the landscape demands it. You might have a property dominated by a hill, for example. Building a house on the edge, top, or side of a hill will dictate the structure's overall position and shape.

Embrace what the terrain says you should do. If there's a curve along a shoreline, for example, use it to guide the placement and shape of the house.


Another source of inspiration for a custom home design is the available view. If you have a great scene to one side of the house, use it. Install big windows, and point them toward the view. For example, someone building a lakefront home would be remiss to not offer a view of the water. The same goes for views of cities, valleys, mountains, oceans, and more.

Functional Requirements

Practicality doesn't have to be boring. If you need to add functional elements to a house, expand upon them to further customize the place. Someone adding a pantry, for example, can build it into the broader layout of the kitchen. If you need to have a guest bathroom, consider incorporating it as a small en suite.

Even something as basic as the garage can provide customization opportunities. For example, you might install carriage-style doors. Take every practical need, and build upon it to develop aesthetics and functionality. 


People often view accessibility as a concern for individuals with disabilities. Even able people, though, should think about accessibility. You never know when you might undergo surgery, for example. Having a ramp near the porch or easy access to the house from the garage can be huge.