Provide Demonstrations And Hand Out Freebies Inside Of A Rental Exhibit

If you own a clothing business and are going to be promoting a line of waterproof outerwear at a trade show, providing the visitors of your exhibit with visual demonstrations and offering some freebies will show people that the garments live up to their guarantee. Individuals may also feel valued and be more apt to purchase waterproof items from your company.

Choose A Few Models

If some of your employees are going to be attending the trade show with you, ask the ones who are participating if they are interested in modeling some of the outerwear that is going to be included in public demonstrations. Choose a few of the employees to be your models and provide them each with hats, gloves, jackets, and ski pants.

Select waterproof garments that vary greatly in style and color so that the attendees will be aware of the vast range of garments that your company produces and sells. Assign one model to stand near the front of the rental exhibit. This person can hand out business cards or pamphlets that highlight the clothing line that is being introduced at the trade show.

Tell the other models to walk among the crowds who enter the exhibit. If lighting and a small stage are part of the exhibit's design, tell the individuals to stand on the platform as they model the items. 

Give Demonstrations At Scheduled Intervals

If you have gone through the rental trade show exhibit services and have rented an exhibit that contains a monitor or LED signage, use the items to display a message about the demonstrations that are being offered. Place a few rows of folding chairs and a small, sturdy table along one side of the exhibit's interior. Fill a basin and a couple buckets with water. Ask your models to stand alongside you. 

At the beginning of each demonstration, tell the public about your clothing business and describe the fabric that each waterproof garment is constructed of. Instruct your assistants to dip their glove-covered hands into the basin.

Submerge a sponge into one of the buckets of water. Afterward, wring out the sponge while you are holding the sponge over one of the waterproof clothing items. Allow the audience members to observe the water as it is repelled from the fabric. At the end of each demonstration, be prepared for questions from some of the viewers.

Hand Out Tickets And Allow Winners To Pick A Prize

Hand out numbered tickets to the people who participate in one of the demonstrations. Announce that you are going to be selecting several random numbers at the end of the day and that the people who possess the same numbers will be given the opportunity to pick a prize.

Prior to the trade show, choose several garments that are going to be given away. Secure the garments to hangers and suspend the hangers from hooks that are installed inside of the rental exhibit. After drawing the numbers and asking the winners to come forward, allow them to choose the prizes that they prefer.