Tips For Keeping Your Window Treatments Elegant And Understated

There's certainly nothing wrong with luxurious layers of colored and patterned window treatments. Perhaps you want your window treatments to be understated, though. Hang elegant draperies so the rest of your décor remains the focus.

Hang Only a Single Layer

A simple method for keeping your window treatments elegant is to eschew layering. Instead, choose a single set of curtain panels in a color that matches your décor. Either choose solid panels or look for modest patterns. Modest patterns can mean either tiny designs or larger geometric designs in shades of the same color. For example, imagine simple navy circles on a blue backdrop.

Choose Natural Blinds

Along those same lines, an alternative to a single layer of curtains is a set of blinds. In that case, consider natural blinds made of bamboo or wood. Such natural blinds offer a completely neutral backdrop. You can choose matchstick blinds or woven wood. It's also possible to get wooden blinds with the usual louvers. In that case, you can select wooden blinds in a neutral color, such as white or beige, or leave them natural.

Opt for Neutral Colors

Speaking of neutral colors, you can have layered window treatments if you go that route. Beige, white, and gray are generally considered neutrals, so look for layers in those colors. Start with a gauzy white or beige panel to filter the light. Frame this with neutral-hued curtain panels, either in solid colors or understated patterning. You could even top this with a box-pleat valance or cornice.

Try a Monochromatic Effect

If you'd like a little more color in your window treatment, consider going for a monochromatic effect. Choose a single color that matches your décor, and select all the layers of draperies in this hue. For example, you could have a buttery yellow gauze panel framed with deep yellow curtains and topped with a matching valance. When choosing the monochromatic effect, keep the look elegant by omitting any patterning at all.

Keep Lines Clean

If you have a contemporary style room, sleek lines are a part of the modern décor. This should come through in your window treatments. You could hang curtain panels on oversized O-rings so they don't bunch up when you open them. Choose chrome O-rings to add a touch of geometric appeal. Another idea is choosing a panel track system, which is similar to an Asian shoji screen according to Home and Garden TV. The panels come in a wide variety of fabrics and can even be customized for opacity.

Hang elegant window treatments in any room for a chic, understated effect.