Tips For Staging Your Condo To Sell

If you own a condo and want to move, you are likely going to need to stage your house in order to make sure that your condo looks as good as possible to prospective buyers. Here are some tips for getting your condo in a state that will appeal to as many prospective buyers as possible.

1. Manage Your Storage Space

One problem that some people have with condos is that they feel like the condos don't have enough space for all of their personal possessions. The last thing that you want to do is reveal untidy storage spaces to reinforce that belief. You will not sell your condo if people walk into it and feel like they are drowning in your clutter. You need to clean up your clutter and get everything organized so that the room seems more open and therefore larger. Try to hide as many of your storage solutions as possible. Purchase flat boxes to store overflow books from your bookshelf and stash those boxes under your bed. Extra pots and pans should not be crammed into the kitchen cabinets but instead hung on the wall or placed between dividers above the cabinets. 

Try to make your storage space look good, organized, and intentional in order to make sure that anyone visiting your condo to see if they want to buy it gets the feeling that you have more than enough room for your personal possessions. If you have far more personal possessions than can possibly be stored, consider renting out a storage unit for all of those extra items until your condo is rented.

2. Talk to the Building Manager

If you are trying to sell your condo and the outside of the building doesn't look good, talk to the building manager to make sure that the snow is shoveled, the leaves are raked, or anything else that you might need to make the outside of the building look great. This is difficult because it is beyond your control, but asking a month in advance to have everything put together will be extremely helpful. Make sure that you put out a cute doormat or potted plants by the door to the condo to do your part in making the outside look inviting.

3. Consider Emptying the Condo Entirely

Finally, if you are worried that you won't be able to control your clutter, consider moving out entirely. Fix any holes in the walls from nails and repaint any brightly colored walls something neutral. This will at least give other people the opportunity to project themselves onto the condo without having your personal possessions in the way.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in interior design for condos that are on the market.